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PPI Claims…making sure we get your Mis Sold PPI premiums refunded back to you. We only charge a 20% service fee (REDUCED to 15% for 3+ claims in the same family)
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Whatever your claim,  you only pay 20%.

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PPI – Why should you let Premier Claims Plus help you through the reclaiming process?

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For several years Premier Claims Plus has been recognised as a leading Claims Management Company, with its UK based call centre based in the North West. Now with over 10000 clients & A lot of our customers are referred to us from existing happy clients. The company prides itself for its unique, affordable and reliable service.

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PPI or Payment Protection Insurance was designed to give policyholders protection against not being able to pay their monthly loan repayments due to illness, redundancy or similar situations.

The insurance was mis-sold with loans, credit cards and many other types of borrowings. Most of the high street lenders were mis-selling the product which many millions of people did not require or perhaps did not even request. In many cases the borrower was not aware of the insurance being added to their monthly repayments. Most borrowers wouldn’t have benefited from the insurance policies but those selling these very expensive invalid PPI policies with credit agreements pocketed millions of pounds.

Most of us have had in the past 10 years some kind of a borrowing (Credit) such as Loans, Credit Cards or Mortgage etc, this is why you must check if you also have been the victim of the PPI mis-selling scandal and you too have paid for something which is invalid or mis-sold due to various reasons. If so you could also be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible to make valid claim or not, call us at Premier Claims Plus anyway for free no-obligation advice.

Why most PPI policies are useless

Unfortunately for consumers, millions of PPI policies were mis-sold and many of them would have been useless and waste of money to their policy holders if called upon. For this reason, in April 2011 the High Court in the UK ruled against the banks and in favour of the consumers, leaving the lenders with no alternative but to refund all premiums charged with associated interest – with an addition 8% statutory interest.

Despite the decision going against the banks they have yet to contact millions of their customers to notify them that they are owed money which was wrongfully taken from them. Start your reclaim today before it’s too late or you never actually submit a claim.

What can you do about your mis-sold PPI policy?

If you were mis-sold a PPI insurance policy you are legally entitled to a refund. There are a couple of ways to go about this:

1) You can make the claim against your PPI policy provider yourself.

This is the cheaper route as you will receive all your premiums, plus interest, if you are successful.

2) Make your PPI claim using a specialist claims company such as Premier Claims Plus.

We will handle all the paperwork and correspondence on your behalf and will strive to get you the maximum refund possible. We have a genuine, low 20% fee for this specialist service.

PPI – Pros and Cons of making your own claim

The benefit of making your PPI claim yourself is obvious – You get to keep all your refund

For this reason many victims of mis-sold PPI policies prefer to appoint an experienced and specialist Claims Management Company to handle their PPI claim on their behalf, many consumers simply don’t want the hassle of dealing with letters from banks or forms to complete.

“Don’t worry let our expert claims handlers do it all for you, for only 20% service Fee… this is very competitive in the PPI industry”

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To read what Premier Claims Plus has achieved for our clients please visit our reviews and testimonials page.

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Below is a list of some of the banks and lenders from whom we have successfully reclaimed refunds for our clients:

PPI Refunds Banks


Even if your lender isn’t in this list, the chances are that we’ve already dealt with them on behalf of a client.

Whatever you decide to do, whether you claim yourself or use a claims specialist, your chances of getting your money back are very good If you have been mis-sold a PPI policy,

Join the millions of people who have got their money back.

* Fee may be payable if the client withdraws after the 14 day cooling off period

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