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Payment Protection Insurance

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What is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment Protection Insurance, commonly abbreviated to PPI, is an insurance designed to cover missed payments on many types of borrowing including credit cards, bank loans and mortgages.

The insurance covers non-payment of loan instalments in case of redundancy, illness, accident or any other reason for being unable to meet monthly repayments. In theory it can be very useful but the reality for many people with PPI has turned out to be very different.


Whats all the talk about PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance has been heavily mis sold for over a decade and in April 2011 the banks and other financial institutions lost their case against instructions to repay the mis sold premiums. Since then, policyholders have been able to reclaim their premiums plus interest. Millions of pounds have been paid out.

The policies were mis sold in various ways, one of which was to include the monthly instalment in any quote given for a loan, using phrases such as ‘and your full protected monthly repayment will be…’ The ‘fully protected’ part of the phrase cleverly disguised the premium which was then included without many of the borrowers realising it was there. For this and similar reasons, huge numbers of PPI policies were deemed to have been mis sold and are now being refunded.

Additionally, many of the policies would have been worthless to their holders in the event of a claim. This is another reason why so many of them were labelled as mis sold.

Do you have grounds for a Payment Protection Insurance policy refund?

If you have a Payment Protection Insurance policy and suspect it may have been mis sold to you, call us now to see if you have a case for making a PPI claim. Our experienced staff can quickly validate your claim and if you have a case for claiming a refund, we can handle the entire process for you. Your claim will be dealt with efficiently and promptly and you will be kept well-informed at every step of the way as to how your claim is progressing.

No Win, No Fee PPI Claim

Additionally, Premier Claims Plus have an excellent success record and hundreds of happy clients who received their Payment Protection Insurance premiums back quickly and without any hassle.


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